WoodTurning – Top 5 World’s Biggest Wooden Bowl

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The largest turned wooden bowl measured 4.01 m (13.15 ft) in diameter and 1.03 m (3.37 ft) from base to rim:
Diameter: 4.01 m
Depth inside: 1.03 m
Depth outside (base to rim): 1.23 m
Girth: 12.6 m
Thickness of the wall: 16 cm
To hold in: 7,200 litres
Weight: 1200 kg
Volume: 2.56 m³
Kind of wood: Spruce
Consumption of glue: 44 kg
Glue: Semparoc I 12 NV
To glue the bowl: 430 hours
Single segments: 486 pieces
Parts of base: 10 pieces

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