Teknatool Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe Review

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Price the Teknatool Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kA5sM9
Woodturning is a the craft of using a wood lathe with hand-held tools to shape a piece of wood while it is rotating around the center. Woodturners can make many items on the wood lathe, including but not limited to: tool handles, candlesticks, egg cups, knobs, lamps, rolling pins, cylindrical boxes, ornaments, pens, chessmen, etc.

A woodturner needs just a few items to really be productive at the lathe. A lathe, some woodturning tools, and some material is the basic components of woodturning. Obviously you can drill down and get very detailed in all of these categories but today we are going to focus on the wood lathe.

Innovation in the woodturning world is a slow process and this process typically focuses on the tools and accesssories. Very rarely do we see an innovation in the actual wood lathe itself. Until now.

Wood lathes

Wood lathes can be very simple tool and it also can be a very complex tool with tons of features. The tool itself is very simple. It has a headstock and a tailstock. Your material is placed in between using a variety of methods (that is an entire blog in and of itself). With putting power to the headstock, it will grab you material (using a chuck or a spur) and rotate it. Then he/she will use their woodturning tools and remove material to achieve a round and balanced shape. Then they can continue to remove material as they shape their work.

Wood lathes are categorized by their capacity. Here are a few terms you should get familiar with before we continue:

HP – Horse power. How much power the machines has.

Throw – the diameter of material you can put on the lathe. Measure from the center of the headstock to the bed of the lathe and take that times two.

Speed range – Measured in RPMS (Revolutions per minute).

Outboard throw capacity – The size of material that can be turned with the headstock in reverse.

Between Center capacity – the length of material between the headstock and the tailstock.

Nova Galaxi dvr 1644 Lathe

Packed with their dvr technology, NOVA’s Galaxi dvr 1644 woodworking lathe is sure to turn heads at your local woodworking/woodturning store. When turning on a large lathe, a woodturner wants their lathe to be heavy and stout. This is to keep the unit from vibrating when turning off balanced work and to achieve a very smooth cutting operation when using fine woodturning tools. The Galaxi dvr is solid cast iron and is very heavy.

NOVA has a full range of accessories that fit this unit right out of the packaging: chucks, spurs, live centers, tool rests, etc.

Direct Drive
dvr technology
Solid cast iron
2MT spindle
360 degree swivel head
Precision machinign
Long reach tool slides
Quick action cam
Great speed range
Large range of accessories
115v and 220v

16″ Throw (Bowl turning capacity)
29″ Throw using optional outrigger accessory
44″ between center capacity
1.75HP (115v) and 2.3 HP (220v)
100-5000 RPM speed range
1 1/4″ 8TPI RH Spindle Thread
2 MT tailstock (self ejecting)

DVR motor and controller
Cast iron stand
6″ Faceplate
12″ Toolrest
2MT Live Center
2MT Spur Center
Knock Out Bar
Manual and Fasteners

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