When you go homemade, there really are no constraints to how you build it. With an aluminium ladder as a bed, for really long stock!
I have added a 4 foot extension kit to my CNC Router Parts CNC router table. It consists of 2 more legs, two 4 foot sides, and their accompanying linear rail and rack gear. There [More]
I built a set of simple scrap wood wooden trivets using two methods: first, using “traditional” woodworking tools like my Woodpeckers router table (http://bit.ly/woodpeckersinc), and then using my Inventables X-Carve CNC (http://bit.ly/xcarvecrafted). Learn more about [More]
Dremel powered lathe.. or something more. Part 3 “finishing” is coming later. This one is to share the idea. Thanks for checking it out.
First lesson on how to turn on a Precision Mathews PM1127V metal lathe. Materials are 1″ round, hot rolled steel and 3/4″ acme threaded rod. The parts are turned to be welded together for adjustable [More]
Turning a large piece of timber into a column on home made lathe
this is a short (just kidding its quite long) video of my home built bowl lathe. i made this video because over the past year i have received a huge amount of requests for information [More]
This is Episode 2 in a CNC Tutorial Mini-Series where I’ll be replicated a DC-Motor CamShaft that was previously professionally milled with my TAIG CNC. This episode introduces CAD & CAM as I draw and [More]
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This was something that I did on the spur of the moment and had no idea it was going to work as well as it did. I wasn’t even going to film it at first. [More]