In this video I discuss cutter geometry of the turning and facing tool for the lathe and do a demonstration on how to grind them.
In this final installment of my Thread Cutting on the Lathe series, we’ll use the tool that we ground in earlier episodes to actually cut a thread. Topics covered are setting up the lathe, cutting [More]
Australian Inventor Roger Clyde Webb demonstrates how to wood turn a bowl out of a tree with a wood lathe. Pacific Tooling ships worldwide: Email me at : I will send you information on [More]
Sometimes a project starts with a number of little projects beforehand. I’m making these threaded mandrels so that I can hold threaded workpieces and turn their complete profiles while maintaining concentricity to the threads on [More]
How to fix broken tailstock on mini lathe.
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George Vondriska demonstrates the best way to apply a simple finishing mixture to a bottle stopper that is durable and will give the piece a proper shine. While the stopper is still on your lathe, [More]
Making a spider for my metal lathe.
We had a crazy product order and had to make 80 concrete coasters! Thanks Quikrete for sponsoring this video, check them out here: If you’re in the market for a CNC check out the [More]
Australian Inventor Roger Clyde Webb demonstrates 3D relief carving an Eagles head with the Pacific Tooling PT6040 CNC Router