Next Wave CNC For too long, CNC has been put in the ‘too hard box’ for woodworkers. But things are changing. Can you afford a CNC? Does it have a place in your workshop? [More]
Ben Orford invites you into the world of Green woodwork. Using traditional methods, Ben shows you how to split, axe, and prepare a piece of wood, as well as how to use a shaving horse [More]
Turning talk with Tommy Mac of Rough Cut: Woodworking with Tommy Mac on the PBS television network.
making a screw type wood spliter
Match prepping some brass for a custom 50 BMG benchrest rifle.
CNC Turning – Brass Prototype with Engraving on side of component. Inspection using Mitutoyo CMM Inspection machine.
A quick story about how and why Justin took his failed CNC machine and made it into a robotic TIG welder. The first uninterrupted full run of the machine is at 8:30 Tools & Gear [More]
This is my home made lathe to machine my polyurethane train wheels.
Charnwood’s W815 Mini Woodturning Lathe showing the features and specification. For more info visit or click on the following link
Best DIY Project for hobbyists. Make this cool project and Enjoy! Note: All wood thickness is 0.75 inch and i cut all pieces using my homemade table saw. you can find the link below. Materials [More]