Machining LARGE 4000 lb roll bearing journal on a Leblond Lathe

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Sometimes it makes more sense to repair something than replace it. and when the something is a $200k, 4k lb steel roller with internal cooling baffles, it makes ALOT more sense. to complicate things a bit more this was an emergency repair for a large production facility so we had 2 days to turn this roll around (pun intended).

this particular repair was more that one guy could handle, as you’ll see in the video it took most of the shop to get this job done and within the time constraint.
i did my best to document most of the repair but a few bits got away, in total, i think you get the sense of what it takes to do the job.

the biggest lathe in our shop is the only machine we had to do this job. Its a 40×240 Leblond, 20′ long and swings 40″ to the bed.

there are a few safety issues in the video, i know that, please keep yourself safe if you do any of this kind of thing… any comments regarding safety will be completely ignored, possibly deleted as they tend to get “unsavory”

if you’re interested in more machining videos you can find them here in my playlist:


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