How to Turn Metal on a Lathe – Basic Tutorial – SMITHY GRANITE 3-in-1

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This Video Will Show the Viewer How to Turn Metal on a Lathe – Basic Tutorial – SMITHY GRANITE 3-in-1

Sample Quote From Video Transcript:

“Determining the correct spindle speed and RPMs depends on the type of metal you are cutting, the type of material the cutting tool is made of, and the diameter of the work piece you are cutting. Harder metals, metals that are tough to cut, are turned slower than those that are soft and easier to cut. Large diameters are turned slower than small diameters. Charts that outline the recommended cutting speeds for various metals can be found in a machinist’s handbook.

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This lathe-mill-drill combo machine sets the standard for premium quality bench top machine tools.

Putting a combination machine tool in your shop allows you to have the capabilities of a small machine shop without sacrificing too much floor space.

The Granite 3-in-1 “big machine” features and premium quality is comparable to other larger, more expensive machine tools. PLUS, you’ll have three machines in one.

Nearly 30,000 Smithy machines are working hard every day in shops across North America. This fact let’s you know that Smithy machines do set the standard for quality.

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Granite – Quality, Precision, and Reliability Are Built-In.
Premium Bench Top Machine Tool

America’s #1 – for over 25 years.

PRECISION: Compares to more expensive tools.
BALANCE: Easy change over for different operations.
FEATURES: Pro features help you work faster.
MASS: Heavy castings add more precision.
RELIABILITY: Designed and built for a lifetime of work.

As Close As You’ll Get to American Made

1) US Developed and Designed: The Granite Machine was designed by our engineers in Ann Arbor, Michigan based on machine user requests.

2) Precision is far higher than other 3-in-1 knock-offs: All components are machined to tighter specs, bearings are much higher grade, and the basic design is initially higher precision.

3) Higher Quality Production: Smithy employees oversee the production and quality control process at our sister factory of more than 25 years. No other seller can make that claim.

4) Superior Features: No machine out there can match the speed and accuracy with which you can accomplish your machining tasks on a Granite machine. Other 3-in-1 combo tools on the market are NOT EVEN in the same category for quality as the Smithy line of machine tools.

More of the Video Transcript:

“The carriage assembly and the powerfeed system control the movement of the cutting tool. In a facing cut, the machinist will use the hand wheels on the carriage and cross slide to position the cutting tool to take the first cut.
The depth of the cut is then set by advancing the compound. Before the motor is turned on, the powerfeed system has to be adjusted so that the tool travels in the right direction and the right speed. The speed at which the tool travels is called the feed rate. When everything is set, the motor is turned on, and the cross slide is engaged to make the cut. Here we are cutting steel with a right-hand facing tool.


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