HomeMade WOOD Lathe – 8′ long diy lathe, head stock, tail stock, bed – free plans (torno casero)

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this is a quick little slide show of my 2nd homemade lathe (the first on was clearly inferior so i dismantled it after 1 week of use). the plan was developed by Carlyle Lynch and published by Fine Wood Working magazine. This lathe is quite simple to build and a pleasure to use. the slideshow documents the 25 years between building and selling this “little” homemade lathe (that makes me feel old). YES i built it when i was 16 years old…it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. in fact i had to buy my first saw, and drill to actually build this homemade lathe.

the lathe ended up being 8′ long because i was limited by my tiny 4’x’11’ entry way workshop (i needed to leave 3 feet open so we could get in and out of the house), the plan actually calls for a 10′ long bed. i altered the lathe a little bit from the original plan, the biggest change was adding a stretcher at the bottom of the legs. final capacity was 68″ between center and 19″ of swing.

i was just a 16yo kid with out any guidance, help, or training. so if i could build this little gem of a lathe…SO CAN YOU! the large turning you see in the slideshow was a 400lb glued up blank of western red cedar i put together to push the limit of this little lathe (yes I’m just kidding when i say little lathe).

if you like homemade lathes, you may want to join the HomeMade Lathe group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/homemadelathe/
here is the link for the pdf plan for this lathe by Carlyle Lynch – http://www.diamondstatemachining.com/home/free-plans

mi torno casero


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