Homemade lathe with a drill, the multi-feature platform Part 1

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In this video i am going to show you how to build a wood lathe driven by an old power drill.
The lathe will be built around a wood router from my CNC machine and then the router will be replaced with a power drill. The reason to do that is because i like when the tools used by the machines i build are interchangeable. Plus, i would also like to use the drill from my CNC machine. And no, the router can’t drive the lathe because of its high rpm 🙂

Please note, that i am not a professional welder, do not try to learn welding from this video 🙂 Furthermore i bought my first welding machine a month ago inspired from a video by “Absorber of Light” and 9 days later i had my CNC up and running. Enjoy!

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