cnc lathe LNT36D

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The machine CNC LATHE / CNC Automatic Lathe – LICO, a leading manufacturer of automatic lathes in Taiwan,recently announced a newly developed automatic bar machine,LICO CNC Multi-Slide Automatic lathe,model LNT36/52/65 S-SERIES. Combining the advantages of cam operated automatics and modern CNC multi-axis control technology result in fast set up and easy operation for both experienced and non-experienced operators.
CNC lathes spin a block of material for cutting, sanding or drilling a work piece to create a three-dimensional object. Woodworkers, metal smiths, potters and glass workers use lathes to make products like table legs, bowls, candle holders, baseball bats, cue sticks and crankshafts.

CNC lathe machines have begun to replace older manual models, and many shop owners have decided to upgrade. CNC industrial lathes use modern carbide tooling and a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) process that requires skilled supervision. Before buying the perfect CNC lathe for your business, check out CNC lathe information from several suppliers and manufacturers.
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