In this video I turned a ring, out of Cocobolo on the lathe. If you make this project I’d really like to see it, you can always share your projects on my website. Here’s a [More]
This Video Helps the Viewer Determine How to Select the Best Milling Operation – Basic Tutorial – SMITHY GRANITE 3-in-1 (From Video Transcript) “If the project you are doing needs to be grooved, keyed, slotted, [More]
In this video, I unbox my new Rikon 70-105 Mini Pen Lathe. Not much to say – so far I love this thing. Lots to learn. This is a video I created for mine and [More]
I always struggle when it comes to a day when I have to buy a gift for my friends birthday, but luckily this idea came into my mind and I was so enthusiastic how this [More]
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For those wanting to buy a lathe but could do with some advice on what to look out for.
In this video I will show you how this lathe chuck works and how well it works in a drill. Then I will show you how to make this for a fraction of the price [More]
In this video we make the tool for centering your tail-stock and show you how to modify the tail-stock so that you can property align it. Included is extended nut and handle modification so you [More] This is “MODEL ENGINEERING FOR BEGINNERS” a free tutorial series by Keith Appleton which covers most aspects of the hobby of model engineering starting with basic Lathe operation. Full of useful tips & explanations.The [More]
How to Lift Your Small Lathe & Set on Stand – Setting up a Granite Combo Machine • This is a tutorial on how to Lift your Granite Machine 3-in-1 in a safe and proper [More]