The MicroLux 7×16 Mini Lathe’s careful workmanship gives you high dimensional accuracy and long life, and smooth operation lets you put fine finishes on turnings up to 7 inches in diameter and 16 inches [More]
This shows a lathe converted from a wood lathe into a metal lathe. You can turn wood or metal.
.Had a good days turning Here is day one if you missed it Come to my Etsy Store and get a hand made Aluminum Tool Handle For entertainment purposes only music by Kevin [More]
Tearing down and cleaning up a small benchtop horizontal milling machine. It has a Delta machinery tag, but I have not found any information about this little machine.
In this video I’ll show the performance of a hand ground High Speed Steel tool with a chip breaker feature, then test a carbide insert tool specifically designed to do the same task. I’ll also [More]
The first in a series of videos on the most basic machining operations. This one covers how to face the end of a part or shoulder using a tool using a tool ground in the [More]
Turning a small wooden vase, then using the tablesaw I angle the top, just to do something a little different. Let me know what you think in the comments section below! For more images of [More]
DIY – How to make MINI LATHE MACHINE at home simple – i used Piece of wood, Screws, Switch ON/OFF, Battery 12v, Rotating Wheel, wire electric – 12v DC Motor 590, Mount for the motor: [More]
I make a metal handle for the mace. Maces are great. A big spiked club that can do some real damage. The entire project was made on a metal lathe. It’s the classic spiked club. [More]
Multi-stage, time-lapsed manual machining of a part, using a Sieg C4 lathe and Sieg Super X3 mill. The material is brass. The background music is “Days of the Departed” by Jan Morgenstern.